Being Present | Meet the Blogger

Be online, or be irrelevant.

These wise words appear on the syllabus for the History and New Media course this summer.  My first reaction was, I am online.  Historian at the consulting firm History Associates by day and public history student at American University by night, I am constantly using the Internet to conduct research, execute projects, and communicate with my colleagues and peers.  Yet, upon further reflection, it occurred to me that, while I go online, I have no real or meaningful web presence.  I am, as far as web users go, a mere window shopper.  I glance, I peruse, but I don’t engage.  So, here I am, trying to make the Internet a place to where my ideas and reflections about public and digital history can live – a place to be, not simply a place to go.

Over the next six weeks, I look forward to becoming an active blogger and sharing my experience in History and New Media. I hope not only to be online, but to create content that adds to ongoing debates about history in the digital age.  Let the adventure begin.


Me visiting my alma mater, Gettysburg College.


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